I have been working in the restaurant industry in the Baltimore-Washington area since my early teenage years and remain a lifer 15 years later, still making my living by feeding the public. My other common interests seem to fall in the same vein of food: Beer-drinking constantly and home brewing more casually, Cooking-when i’m home for dinner and can’t talk my wife into doing so, Music-listening to and collecting always, Drumming-when i can.

Music is also an intense passion of mine. I listen mostly to Progressive Rock and Heavy Rock groups. I was a founding member in a heavy rock group in the Washington D.C. area that lasted almost 11 years before its disbandment. I still play at home and with fellow musicians when time allows. I am also comfortable to share that I am obsessed with  Coheed and Cambria!!!


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  • Bill Davis

    My wife was a hostess in a Chinese restaurant while we were dating. Oh, the stories she can tell about bad customers who stiffed waiters (who HAD given good service), and then wondered why after a few visits there were no wait staff left who would take their table =)

    She trained me well to tip generously.

    Later, I studied “gift exchange” in an anthropology class and that added additional insight into the server/patron relationship. Fun.

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